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H&M Plus Size Collection in US Stores

H&M recently launched it’s H&M+ plus size collection in European stores for Spring 2012 and although there hasn’t seemed to be any mention of it by H&M, rumor has it some U.S. stores are carrying it as well. This is great news for the curvy fashion forward crowd. According toTheCurvyFashionista a limited collection of the H&M Plus line is being tested in select stores and if successful the line could eventually expand. Unfortunately, H&M’s website doesn’t indicate which stores are carrying H&M+ so you may have to call around to find one near you.

Where to Shop: Ruche

I wanted to share one of my sources for finding great clothes for my clients and of course myself :). Ruche is an online boutique that sells vintage inspired clothes at ridiculously affordable prices. They have a lot of delicate feminine pieces that are great for incorporating into what you already own and their dresses are adorable. They also have a plus sized section with a fantastic selection of figure flattering style conscious clothing for women who have extra curves to dress. Here’s a peek at some of their recent arrivals. They have a fun site with lots of resourceful info too, see the rest of what they have here.

Women’s Shop
Plus Size Shop
Shoes and Accessories

Style Inspiration Girl With Curves

Having amazing style is made up of a combination of things, like having the ability to combine different pieces to create a beautiful look, good taste, being fearless when it comes to dressing and having a sense of individuality…
But, there is also the ability to understand what does or doesn’t flatter your own unique shape and figure.

Girl With Curves has perfected this last art down to a science. Not only does she have a great sense of personal style but her outfits just flow and they bring out all the best in her individual shape. It’s insane what knowing how to dress for your particular body type can do for your figure. I call it sweat free body sculpting, I love seeing my client’s faces light up when they look in the mirror and see what wearing clothes with the right cut can do :).

It’s also obvious Girl With Curves fully embraces what she is working with and focuses on building beautiful outfits around that. I think most women could learn a thing or two from her in this regard. She is an awesome style inspiration and I was so impressed with her style I had to share. Take a look at her photo gallery too…enjoy!

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Plus Sized and Fabulous

I happened upon this style blog and in addition to having the cutest style ever Gabi is also plus sized. I admire the fact that this BBW beauty doesn’t let size limit her personal sense of style even a tiny bit. If you are a plus sized women looking for a full figured style inspiration definitely check Gabi out at She also has a cool YouTube channel.